Our Menu

At Retreat Pool and Cabanas, our goal is to help you relax, let go, and enjoy the sunny Southern California vibes at our El Cajon poolside oasis.

It’s not hard to relax at our gorgeously designed getaway, which features two poolside areas lined with deck chairs, cabanas, and luxuriant daybeds. A slow-moving lazy river offers the perfect relaxed pace to take in the setting and let your worries melt away.

But of course, no poolside getaway is complete without the perfect beverage.

For those who want to keep it clean, we offer a delicious array of fresh juices. Imagine yourself sipping on a freshly made concoction featuring fresh produce; it’s like drinking sunshine!

Of course, for those who like to sip on something with a little kick, you can augment your freshly made juice or green drink with a shot of spirits to really feel high on life!

Retreat also features a full bar, so you can live it up under the sun with an expertly made drink of our choosing.

Our mixology-forward cocktail menu features memorable concoctions ranging from classic drinks to unexpected creations. With so many delicious options available, the hardest part is picking which drink to try first!

For wine enthusiasts, we also offer a respectable array of red, white and sparkling wines to make your poolside experience divine.

For those who crave a nice, cold beer, we’ve got you covered too, with an impressive list of drafts and bottles available in a variety of styles.

Drink up! At Retreat Pool and Cabanas, we encourage you to soak in the sunshine, and sip the perfect drink to enhance your experience!