Why Retreat Is the Spot in El Cajon for Incredible Frozen Desserts

Why Retreat Is the Spot in El Cajon for Incredible Frozen Desserts

Relax and Enjoy the Sweet Life with the Amazing Frozen Desserts at the Retreat Pool & Cabanas

Each of us needs a little break from reality every once in a while. Days get busy, and before you know it, it’s been weeks, or maybe even months, since you’ve carved out a little time and treated yourself to something special. It isn’t always easy to plan a getaway, but when there’s the perfect retreat (with decadent desserts) located right inside the Sycuan Casino Resort in El Cajon, there’s absolutely no need to contact your travel agent to enjoy a little blissful escape. 

If you’re in need of an escape from the daily grind, there’s no better place to spend a leisurely afternoon that lingers into the evening than the Retreat Pool and Cabanas. Of course, you can’t wait to sit back, soak up some of that glorious Vitamin D, and escape into your own little world for a while, but there’s something that could make the experience even sweeter – like one of the incredible desserts that can only be found at this El Cajon Retreat. 

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An Oasis Made Even Sweeter with the Best Desserts in El Cajon

When you’re lounging poolside at the most relaxing aquatic oasis in El Cajon, there’s only one thing that would make the whole experience even better – a little something sweet to cool you off and send you into a state of pure bliss. At the Retreat Pool & Cabanas, we feature a dessert menu that’s filled with all your irresistible favorites. As you wander down along the menu, you’ll come to the section of desserts, which is exactly where you’ll find just the right nibble to leave your sweet tooth completely satiated. 

At the Retreat in El Cajon, our desserts not only cure your sweet craving, they’re also light, refreshing, and exactly what you need to cool off after soaking up the warmth of the California sun. Enough with all the talk, what are these amazing creations, you ask? How about a churro ice cream sandwich or a selection of seasonal sorbet to send you straight into culinary paradise?

Our churro ice cream sandwich is crafted with house made churros, which is delicate fried dough that’s dusted with the perfect combination of cinnamon and sugar. Combine this with the creamiest vanilla ice cream you can imagine, and you have a dessert that’s fit for the most elegant occasion but best enjoyed in the relaxing, laid back atmosphere of the Retreat Pool & Cabanas. 

Of course, sometimes you want something a little lighter and more refreshing. It’s at times like these that a bowl of sorbet is exactly what will hit the spot. Our sorbet sampler features 3 deliciously creamy and cool scoops of seasonal sorbet. Perfect for brightening the palate and refreshing the spirit. 

Interested in something a little more “innocent”? Not to worry, we’re happy to offer a selection of fresh, seasonal fruit that’s served frozen to cool your taste buds without a hint of guilt. So, the next time you can’t decide between treating yourself to a day poolside or indulging in your favorite frozen treat, there’s no reason to choose when you can have both at the Retreat Pool and Cabana. 

A Little Adult Indulgence 

Sometimes, the perfect dessert isn’t one you eat with a spoon but is best enjoyed by leisurely sipping it while laying back in a poolside cabana. If this sounds like it’s more your speed, you’re going to love the selection of adult beverages at the Retreat Pool & Cabanas. There’s a full bar and expert mixologist on hand to craft your favorite concoction, but we suggest you might want to try something new. 

A perfect way to cap off a relaxing summer afternoon might be a Fresca Fizz, which is vodka, raspberries, lemon, mint, and sparkling wine. Or maybe you’d prefer something from our selection of specialty mules, margaritas, and mojitos. The options for a little “liquid dessert” are practically limitless. 

Enjoy the Sweet Life at the Retreat Pool & Cabanas

Are you ready to escape from daily life and allow yourself to relax as you sink into a beautiful oasis tucked inside the Sycuan Casino Resort? It’s here that you’ll find two gorgeous pool areas, a lazy river, and peaceful, relaxing cabanas where you can just sit back and let the stress melt away. The Retreat Pool & Cabanas is like a luxury, tropical retreat that’s right in your own backyard. 

Of course, no day of rest and rejuvenation is complete without a sweet treat to go along with it, so make sure to add trying one go the delicious, cooling desserts to your list of to-dos. The Retreat is waiting to pamper you, so push your other obligations aside for the day and make your reservations at the Retreat Pool & Cabanas today.